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The future of the nation in a digital era

We are experiencing a global digital revolution of the same magnitude as the industrial revolution of the 19th century.
This is also the case in Africa which has over 400 million mobile internet users and has produced   numerous digital innovations across many sectors, demonstrating the unprecedented growth of digital technologies

Digital technologies – relying on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) – and the services they support have become the drivers of sustainable development and inclusive growth for all nations, organizations, businesses and citizens.

So, just how important has digitalization become? **

4.4 billion!

is the total number of Internet users worldwide.

3.5 billion!

is the total number of social media users engaging every day.


of professionals worry about not having the training and skills necessary for their career.


of people worry about international disputes and the impact it can have on their communities.

$17.9 billion

Is the total value of benefits from digitalization that can be gained by governments

0 - Zero

is the number of internationally enforceable regulations related to digital governance and social media

Statistics and figures related to feelings of trust towards governments in a digital era**


of professional worry about not having the Digital training and skills necessary for their careers


Worry about international disputes and the income it can have on their communities


worry about fake news

Only 47%

Of citizens have trust in their governments


Nations and organizations have various data sources, databases and siloed services available to them. Nevertheless, the full potential of digital technologies is not being used, whereas development is rapid in urban areas, in many rural areas have yet to feel the benefits.

A process should be adapted for each country, as e-governance should not be seen as separate from the general governance of the State.

The recognition of what e-governance means is still in its infancy with no clarity on key concepts and therefore a lack of leadership. In this context, 4P supports Institutions, traditional centres of leadership and international agencies, driving digital governance and social media management related issues.

4P is here to help you design and build new governance models for the digital era, so you can do what you are best at: Leading!

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**Deloitte 2016 report on Digital government transformation

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