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4P Lab

and Special programs

Through the 4P Lab on international law specialized in digital governance, the ambition is to break down traditional barriers between public and private, local and global, individual, and institutional in order to create a new framework that is sustainable and digital.

The cross Africa focus programme

The cross Africa focus programme

With a focus on developing counties, global justice and inequalities, our applied and interdisciplinary work addresses the need for strong inter-connectivity between Africa and the rest of the world in a renewed version of the African partnership.
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Corporate Digital responsibility (CDR)

Corporate Digital Responsibility

Corporate Digital responsibility (CDR) developed at 4P is a self-regulating model that helps your organisation be digitally accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.
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Digital Coaching For the public sector

• Train with best practices in digital and social media marketing
• Learn how to build a strategic digital marketing plan
• Define Community Management guidelines
• Set up effective approval processes internally and externally


Digital Governance

• Optimize the use and R.O.I. of internal technology platforms
• Define the most relevant KPIs for your digital activity
• Set up the right digital structure for your company
• Reach increased synergies between departments
• Learn how to build a strategic digital marketing plan


Online branding for States in the 21st century

• Be the ultimate online marketer for yourself
• Define a content strategy for your professional updates
• Learn best practices in online networking etiquette
• Turn online connections into real life networking


Public Speaking

• Communicate better in public: conferences, presentations
• Be efficient and convincing during meetings
• Master elevator’s pitch essentials
• Learn to introduce your advocacy in 1 minute, 30 second

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