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The User, 4P and their auxiliaries undertake to keep secret all information which has been collected, exchanged or acquired within the framework of the services carried out. The confidentiality obligation continues even after the end of the contact.
4P will keep as strictly confidential and refrain from revealing to a third party or using them in any way, in its own interest or in the interest of a third party, all information (in particular commercial, financial or technical information) of which it will have become aware through the services, support and/or information provided and which are not generally accessible or publicly available.
4P is fully aware of the obligation of discretion imposed on it by the field in which it provides its services and support.

Data protection
4P must process and use the data collected in order to fulfill its contractual obligations. 4P takes all necessary measures to ensure data protection in accordance with legal provisions. The User accepts that his data will be saved and used in accordance with the present conditions and is aware that 4P may communicate his data or that of third parties in the event of orders from a court or authority. Unless the User has expressly excluded it, 4P is entitled to use its data for marketing reasons and for sending newsletters. The data necessary for the execution of the service can be transferred to the service partners mandated by 4P as well as to other third parties. Data protection and digital law: if personal data or those linked to the Institution are provided to 4P or Partners, the latter undertakes not to use, process or transmit them beyond what is permitted by law or the consent of the User, if necessary for the processing of orders, storage reasons or for the provision of certain services and if this meets the strict requirements of confidentiality and diligence. Beyond these cases, the Agent only transmits data to third parties in the event of legal obligations or in the event of orders from authorities or courts. Recorded data which is no longer necessary to achieve the stated purpose will be deleted.

Data security
4P keeps all data securely and will therefore take all necessary measures to protect it from any loss, improper access, abuse or other. Employees and contractual partners with access to data are subject to a contractual obligation of confidentiality and must comply with the legal data protection provisions. The data is treated in strict confidence.
Saving clause: if one or more provisions or if one of the annexes to this contract should be declared null or ineffective, they will not affect the validity of the other provisions of this contract and will continue to be binding. These null or ineffective provisions will then be replaced by any valid provision that best corresponds to the goal desired. The same rule applies in the event of any contractual shortcoming or future contractual relations.

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