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New Media & Communication behaviour science (NMC)

How does new media impact human and social behaviour?

Examining closely current behavior, public sentiment and analytics is essential when integrating digital governance solutions. This helps to keep you connected with your online and offline communities at both local and global levels.

The impact of new media

The impact of new media on people and their behavior is enormous and must be taken into account in the change plan of an organization. It can have a positive impact if approached correctly, however it needs to be mastered, controlled and harnessed to serve the organizations’ development. The exchange of ideas between people of very different cultures requires an understanding of the people themselves, including religious and cultural traditions.

The right dialogues can bring people together

People who have a dialogue have no reason to go to war. Unfortunately, the worst or even most devastating aspects of new media affect young people, and on people who are not yet fully culturally equipped to handle a powerful tool such as the new media and new leadership models.

All human societies in history have had a code of conduct, provided by schools, religion, the family, society and so on. These codes of conduct are often missing in the digital world.

Guiding the implementation of New Media

4P supports your organization in guiding the implementation of new media and communication behaviors and in implementing a code of conduct dedicated to your online social behavior so to transform it into an opportunity to act proactively, rather than repressively, with a new set of rules.
The increasing over-consumption of information can distort the true feelings of an individual even further. In this context, society, institutions and people are all vulnerable. We need to rediscover authentic human responses and behavior in order to reset the traditional and new media.

4P focuses on new media behavior in society

4P International promotes global collective intelligence, modern media and strategic technology to boost digital governance while putting a premium on participatory democratic principles.
4P International promotes inclusive economic and social development with universal values based on the United Nations Global Compact, the global corporate sustainability initiative.
Through the 4P Lab on international law, specialized in digital governance, the ambition is to break down traditional barriers between public and private, local and global, individual and institutional in order to create a new framework that is sustainable and digital.

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