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Governments and public sector

4P International is a global consulting leading Group, bringing digital and business solutions to public sector organizations. We are committed to helping governments select and implement the best solutions at the best possible value.


Because ultimately, governments are still behind on the value of digitalisation and social media


Through a structured participation based on analytics, not on feelings, opinion, or copycat


4P offers trusted governance models to stay coherent, up to date and at the forefront of development

4P supports governments to stay ahead of development
Aside from deep State and cyber intelligence operations, most people think that a public organisation is synonymous with bureaucracy and outdated technology. While many are critical of government ’s adaptation to changes, it’s important to remember that governments manage operations that often serve and impact hundreds of millions of people. In many cases, a government’s change significantly impacts not only its constituents but citizens of the world. At the same time, the people engage in participatory governance at global level and so is 4P International.
4P helps organisations constantly manage change
We support State manage their representation locally, digitally and at international level, and create innovative ecosystems that build engaged, enabled and agile relations. As we face the future, we know that every organisation is different. Each has a unique culture, leadership style, standards and history, which is highly considered in all of 4P projects. Our motto: Global standards, Local spirit.
Transformation, policy and advocacy
At 4P, we build tailored solutions to achieve strategic ambitions in terms of modern representation. We promote transformation, change policy and advocacy that reflect best a country’s uniqueness, grounded in rigorous analysis and data-driven insight.

We help create lasting representative value through :

  • Change management & digital transformation

  • Digital governance

  • Public policy & good governance

  • Social media regulation & frameworks

Impact of 4P programs:

  • Digital governance

  • Management

  • Public policies

  • Global collective intelligence

  • Knowledge capital


To spark a digital governance model for upgraded common standards
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