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Emerging Markets

Emerging market promotion

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4P put an emphasis on promoting and supporting emerging markets

The rise of the South is unprecedented in its speed and scale. Never in history have the living conditions and prospects of so many people changed so dramatically and so fast.

Meanwhile, the slowdown in economic growth, austerity measures and rampant unemployment in the industrialized world has brought pressure to bear on governments and societies in the North. Global economic and political structures are in flux and the sustainability of the growth spurt in the South is subject to the interrelated issues of governance and public investment, hence re-balancing far greater than that experienced during the Industrial Revolution, with the South becoming the main driver of economic growth and societal change for the first time in centuries.

4P International supports the promotion and application of a renewed vision of the Right to Development

A renewed vision of the Right has to Development to be acknowledged toward three different subjects of international law, who, put together, constitute Humanity:

  • Individuals (including companies)
  • The State
  • The People

By seeking to have the Right to Development enshrined as an internationally recognized positive right, 4P International aims to provide actors with the tools necessary to claim their sustainable development. Our methodical approach is positioned a priori: the Right to Development appears as a process of recognition, leading to the real development of all.

4P International intervenes when the mission takes on a sustainable nature and involves long-term results.

The Cross Africa focus programme

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Focus on developing countries – global justice and inequalities – Our applied, interdisciplinary work addresses the need for strong inter-connectivity between Africa and the rest of the world in a renewed version of the African Partnership

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