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E-Embassy program

Why an E-Embassy?

Online, digital embassies play an essential role in the economic development and trade exchange. Diplomatic missions are a necessary source of information about government policy, internal politics, international trade and cultural exchange. As such, digital diplomatic missions serve as an online platform providing informational services for the host and sending country.

Very developed digital embassies can provide consular services to the host country. Studies show that digital embassies can handle nearly 50% of the functions of traditional diplomatic posts.

When closing down diplomatic mission around the world, governments have alternatives. The alternative is digital embassies and online representation that 4P provide.

Optimise digital governance models

Build and maintain Institution’s culture, power and influence

Reinforce peace, authority and engagement with communities

Participatory communication & social diplomacy implementation

Stay at the forefront of global development

Digitalisation is here to stay: Diplomatic representation, a vital element of international development

Diplomatic representation

Diplomacy s a vital element of international relations supporting power, influence and financial rewards with quick results.

Virtual representation can maintain and even further the level of relationships and intensify cultural exchanges and interactions. Furthermore, a digital diplomatic mission allows countries with no diplomatic accreditation to operate borderless without any physical representation.

Beyond digital representation

Digital diplomacy is proven to be a tool to engage further in digital conflict resolution and peace building, without compromising diplomatic relations and national security over image and instantaneity allegiance.

Benefits and potential of a well managed digital embassy

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