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The CDR Program






Good Governance

Long term



The term Corporate Digital Responsibility or CDR was created by 4P international. It encompasses an institution or a company’s governance model in its efforts to impact society and the environment positively by enhancing its digital awareness.

Meeting new State regulations, Contribute to Digital Peace

Beyond meeting new State regulations, CDR can strongly benefit institutions and companies by raising morale and boosting the institution’s brand while making an impact on the user’s life and behavior. For example, a company may appeal to the tastes of groups through activism that is rewarded through increased engagement and visibility in social media. CDR programmes are a tool to act online in a responsible way. People and users can detect when an institution or a company is inauthentic in a supposedly socially beneficial endeavor and may even call it out publicly for doing so. That is why it is important to find CDR initiatives that are tied to the institution’s core values and activities while protecting the people and contributing to a global digital and peaceful society.

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