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About 4P

4P is more than a company, it’s a way of thinking

4P is the Public-Private-People Partnership, a swiss based global governance agency, operating a 360° approach to governance including Research, Communication, Change, Training. 4P serves statecraft affairs, economic development and investment promotion with a concentration in emerging markets.

Governance, communication, research, training, with a 360 know-how, 4P is the one stop shop partner for your change and transformation projects at international level, with a public spirit.

The Context?

The content is increasingly offensive, privacy issues are published at the risk of
destabilizing communities and betraying individual freedoms by promoting
denunciation, not to mention the portability and exploitation without control of private
data. In such context, Governments, Companies and the People have to keep up the pace of change in a rapidly growing environment. Now they can with the 4P model.

What sets us aside?

4P positions itself as a third-party organization (trusted third party) whose mission is to support organisations and governments in updating the rules on digital governance in order to clearly define the responsibilities of individuals, companies and governments
Thus, ensuring clarity in defining responsibilities of individuals, companies and governments while focusing on human development.

The 4P model

In line with today’s worldwide digital culture and new centers of
leadership, aims at promoting the involvements of individuals and fostering the
collaboration between governments, innovation driven businesses and the People.
4P engages you in the establishment of strong governance models based on trust and


P for Public

Supporting public authorities in the integration of innovative operations serving and impacting in turn hundreds of millions of people while focusing on People


P for Private

Drawing attention to businesses that are actors of development, 4P identifies and implements new market influences that generate economic and social impact


P for People

Bringing everyone into the spotlight, it’s all about making every person a partner in development through participatory governance at global level


P for Partnership

Connecting stakeholders while promoting International Relations for all. Through The Public-Private-People-Partnership arises global knowledge capital

Guiding International governments

Guiding international government, Fortune 500 and local communities, 4P International contributes experience of working in industrialized and emerging markets as diverse as Senegal and Turkey, Cameroon and the UK, and stays at the forefront of developments. The ambition is to break down traditional barriers between public and private, local and global, individual, and institutional in order to create a New Partnership that is sustainable and digital.

4P International


This Manifesto reflects the values of 4P International's policy to support States and institutions in their response.
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